Sunday, 1 June 2014

'Rent' at the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham

May 2014

After designing and painting for the show 'Rent' at the Old Joint Stock Theatre, i was asked to spray paint graffiti for another production of 'Rent' in May 2014 at the Crescent Theatre. This show was performed by the Arcadians on the main stage.

Below are the final images which were spray painted onto grey boards, provided by the company. 
In total it took 2 full days to complete the 3 spray painted boards and one evening to draw and paint the acrylic board 'NYC' and 'Angel'. 

(Unfortunately i do not have any pictures of the completed set due to timing implications.) 

AZT Final
Spray Paint

Fight Aids Final 
Spray paint

The Life Cafe Final

 The Life Cafe - Almost finished

Final board
NYC and Angel painted with Acrylics as another style idea.  

The final ideas were sketched out onto grey boards, which were provided by the theatre company.

The Life Cafe 
Initial Spray Paint

White primer

 Fight Aids

The Life Cafe
No Day But Today

Initial graffiti / style ideas for 'Rent' at the Crescent Theatre, performed by the theatre company, The Arcadians. 

Rey, New York

 Fight Aids

 L.E Side, Angel, Life Cafe

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