Saturday, 1 November 2014

Personal Painting Project

Movement, body, dance

Acrylic on canvas. 

'Steel Magnolias', Crescent Theatre, Birmingham

Wallpaper Stenciling 

5 stencils
Dark green Leaves
Light Green Leaves
White Centre Flower
Light Green Flower
Dark Grey Flower

 Repeated pattern across 5 flats

Sign for the Salon

The Set
Designed by James Rowland

'Lord of the Flies', Crescent Theatre, Birmingham

Prop Making

The finished piece, complete with a hole in the stomach to fit a heart inside.

Made using bin bags stuffed with newspaper to create the general body shape and a smaller bag was used for the head. 

To create weight to the pig, we drilled planks of wood inside.
To store the heart which would be doused in fake blood, we drilled a soup pot inside where the heart could sit without moving around. 


Torn rope was used to create the fur effect

The heart