Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tattoo Design

A very good friend urgently asked me to design a fairy tattoo for his mom.
In the wings she wanted both her son's names.
This was what i came up with.
Hope she likes!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Ideas, ideas, ideas!!!

Above: Young, free and 18 today <3
Birthday Card Idea.

Above: A few christmas cards involving cats.
Silly Cats.

Above: A Christmas Present to a friend from Uni

Above: Sophisticated Magpies.

Above: Shy

Above: Burlesque
This piece has been done for the same guy i did the 30th Birthday card for.
He loved the card so much that he wanted me to come up with another
picture for him....mainly including Burlesque Ladies.

Above: Wedding Card for a friends Wedding

It has certainly been a while but here are some new
delights to feast your eyes on!
I have been coming up with ideas for cards which i can
then bulk produce into cards with envelopes and package my own way.
I still need a scanner.