Sunday, 4 December 2011

Birthday Commission

I was asked to illustrate a 30th Birthday card for a friends boyfriend.
She told him to gather pictures together of all of his favourite things!
Then i smushed them all together to create a birthday picture for him!
That's Rob in the middle, holding a glass of red, his Roland Rat from
when he was a child and also a smokin' hot pin up!

This was the first version above! With Spiderman, a Stormtrooper,
a Transformer in the back holding a birthday present, He-Man and a
Pin Up girl holding a birthday cake!

I then added Yoda playing the drums. He loved it lots!
and even shed a tear....Rob, not Yoda!

The picture's are really bad quality because i used my phone to upload them,
unfortunately i won't be able to get a decent picture of it because i
don't have it anymore!
Either way, you get the idea!
Much Love x

Experimental card designs - Fashion

Monday, 10 October 2011

Life Drawing

Interpreting Life Drawing skills with a Fashion Edge.
My favourite thing to do is start off with the figure of
a person and then add some kind of object to create what could be used
as an fashion advert. I didn't really have a goal in mind but it turned out to be
one of those random illustrations you draw without really thinking about and
then you're actually quite pleased with the outcome, even though it's so simple.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Some more Sunshine spanning from March - now! 2011.

The reference picture of Beth I used for the picture below.

A couple of my friends from work have been asking me to draw caricatures of them recently. I haven't got the pictures of them at the moment because i used Facebook for reference! I will get the pictures and put them alongside soon so that you can see if they actually look like the people!
Top one is of Beth.
Under that is Tom.

Night Night

The love of a good shoe.

A huge work in progress for a friend, inspired by the Bright Eyes song
"Let's Not Shit Ourselves. (To Love and Be Loved)"
Has yet to be finished.

When i wanted to draw cranes and Koi Carp.

Three 'Rey of Sunshine' cards in little plastic wallets, with envelopes.
For sending off purposes.