Thursday, 30 June 2011

Some more Sunshine spanning from March - now! 2011.

The reference picture of Beth I used for the picture below.

A couple of my friends from work have been asking me to draw caricatures of them recently. I haven't got the pictures of them at the moment because i used Facebook for reference! I will get the pictures and put them alongside soon so that you can see if they actually look like the people!
Top one is of Beth.
Under that is Tom.

Night Night

The love of a good shoe.

A huge work in progress for a friend, inspired by the Bright Eyes song
"Let's Not Shit Ourselves. (To Love and Be Loved)"
Has yet to be finished.

When i wanted to draw cranes and Koi Carp.

Three 'Rey of Sunshine' cards in little plastic wallets, with envelopes.
For sending off purposes.

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