Sunday, 4 December 2011

Birthday Commission

I was asked to illustrate a 30th Birthday card for a friends boyfriend.
She told him to gather pictures together of all of his favourite things!
Then i smushed them all together to create a birthday picture for him!
That's Rob in the middle, holding a glass of red, his Roland Rat from
when he was a child and also a smokin' hot pin up!

This was the first version above! With Spiderman, a Stormtrooper,
a Transformer in the back holding a birthday present, He-Man and a
Pin Up girl holding a birthday cake!

I then added Yoda playing the drums. He loved it lots!
and even shed a tear....Rob, not Yoda!

The picture's are really bad quality because i used my phone to upload them,
unfortunately i won't be able to get a decent picture of it because i
don't have it anymore!
Either way, you get the idea!
Much Love x

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