Sunday, 25 July 2010


Why is England so wet all the time?!
Silly England.
Well, it's Summer! (If we can call it that) and in between working at a college near me
i am currently coming up with oodles of ideas for the next children's book!!
Yesterday i bought a new special watercolour pad, black ink and a new dip pen.
SOOO excited!
I'm working on a few little things at the moment just to keep up the drawing and to stop me from going insane being an ordinary 9-5 working gal o_O Real life blows.

Might just get lost in some Burty Bats and lost little polar bears.

But first i'm off to London to see my old housemate from Uni!
Check out her photography at

I'll keep you up to date with more happening but i still can't scan stuff in.
It's time for a new plan.
Find my camera.

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